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The Artist as Creator of Spaces, The Artist as Producer (Espace Tchif)

Wednesday 7 November 2012

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Espace Tchif was created by the artist himself. The space houses a gallery dedicated to modern and contemporary art, but it also has a theater that can fit approximately three hundred people. Espace Tchif’s ambition is to be a space for all forms of artistic expression. As such, although created by a visual artist, the space welcomes many different kinds of cultural programming—including theatrical and musical performances—to compliment its contemporary exhibitions. The space’s eclectic orientation thus aims to contribute to the emergence of an intense and diversified cultural life in Benin’s capital city.

With the special project, The Artist as Creator of Spaces, The Artist as Producer, Espace Tchif hosts events and discussions to address questions of creating art spaces in the city. Indeed, we are witnessing numerous initiatives led by artists and intellectuals to create independent spaces across the African continent. What are the concerns to which these initiatives respond? What means and methodologies do they adopt in order to bring these spaces to life and to ensure the durability of their actions in the context of a global crisis?

For the duration of the Biennale, Espace Tchif will serve as a place for exchange and discovery for art world professionals and enthusiasts. This program will also include experimental mini-workshops broadcast by the Biennale’s radio (R22-Bénin).