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Artists in Docs (Artistes en Doc) / Africadoc-Bénin

Wednesday 5 December 2012

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What would we be without our ability to recall the acts that created our grandeur, as well as the actions that caused our losses? No people and no nation are constructed in forgetting. This could be the leitmotiv of the association Africadoc-Bénin.

Since 2010, Africadoc-Bénin has worked to develop documentary cinema in Benin. Today, both the production and creation of images by Africans and the perspective that they bring to the realities of their continent are at stake. The dialogue between artists and the world around them is the principle objective of the educational and creative workshop that lies at the heart of the project, Artistes en Docs (Artists in Docs), initiated by Africadoc-Bénin for the Biennale Bénin 2012. It develops around the artist, whose expression as a citizen is illustrated through the work of interpolating the city. What do artists see that is familiar, yet escapes their fellow citizens? What in particular do they feel that their peers do not perceive? What touches them but seems insignificant to their compatriots? It is a question of strong feelings about our reality and the identity-based values that they bring up. The collective consciousness repressed these values, and it is through them that artists re-establish dialogue with a city’s population.

Africadoc-Bénin opens a creative space during the Biennale both to audiovisual professionals and to those aspiring to make documentaries. It offers a professional production event about filming and editing, during which they will produce a collection of documentaries about artists and the original perspective that they bring to the city and the lives of its inhabitants. It will also provide an opportunity for young Béninois and other Africans working in audiovisual positions to enter the field of contemporary art through a technical formation in which they express their points of view about the world’s transformations, as proposed by the Biennale’s artists.